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SUNDSTROM--133-00479--SR299-2 ABEK1HgP3 filter

SUNDSTROM--133-00479--SR299-2 ABEK1HgP3 filter

SKU: 133-00479
Cukai Termasuk


  • Plastic polypropylene. No metal parts.


AOrganic gases and vapours, such as solvents, with boiling points above +65°C.
BInorganic gases and vapours, such as chlorine, hydrogen sulphide, hydrogen cyanide.
EAcid gases and vapours, such as sulphur dioxide, hydrogen fluoride.
KAmmonia and certain amines, such as ethylene diamine
HgMercury vapour. NOTE: max use 50 hours.
PAll types of wet and dry particles, such as dust, mist, smoke, fume, bacteria, viruses, mould, fibre


— Largest diameter: 106 mm
— Thickness: 53 mm


  • 200 g
  • Carbon
  • The filter contains 145 g of activated carbon.

Adsorption capacity

Test gasConc. (PPM)B'through (min)
A1: Cyclohexane1,00095
B1: Chlorine1,000120
B1: Hydrogen sulphide1,000>120 (test stopped - no breakthrough)
B1: Hydrogen cyanide1,00050
E: Sulphur dioxide1,00045
K: Ammonia1,000105
Hg: Mercury vapour13 mg/m3>200 hours (test stopped - no breakthrough)

Pressure drop

  • At 30 l/min: 140 Pa (standards requrement: <220 Pa)


  • Store at room temperature in clean, dry place. If seal has been broken, store away from contaminants in an air-tight container. Shelf life is 5 years if seal is unbroken. Expiry date printed on filter.
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