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SUNDSTROM- M/L-Respirator 1/2 Face Sundstrom SR900 TPE

SUNDSTROM- M/L-Respirator 1/2 Face Sundstrom SR900 TPE

SKU: 101-05882
GST Included

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A half mask and a system

Use in a variety of ways

SR 900 is a completely new system where the user can easily customise the product based on site requirement and needs. The respirator can be easily configured for filters, PAPR, supplied air, as well as a remote filter holder mounted on the waist belt.


— Mask body of TPE (thermoplastic elastomer)
— Deep chin cup and broad nose rim
— Two exhalation valves
— New valve caps with air diffusion (no clogging during spray jobs)
— Small/Medium, Medium/Large and Large/Extra Large size
— Continuous head strap or cradle harness
— Can easily be fitted with optional SmallTalk microphone and loudspeaker
— Accepts all Sundström filters and compressed air attachments
— Detachable filter holder allows direct hose attachment
— Choose between single or twin breathing hose
— Use with filters, PAPR or supplied air
— Remote filter holder allows waist-mounted filter behind your back
— Shallow profile – ideal for welding hoods

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