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BARRIER--SMTL--Re-Moveable Surface mountable bollards

BARRIER--SMTL--Re-Moveable Surface mountable bollards

GST Included
  • Strong 90mm post with 5mm thick wall.
  • Galvanised and powder coated.
  • Heavy steel receiver shoe is also used as a storage unit for bollards.
  • Requires only 4 off 12mm holes, 65mm deep.
  • No core drilling or slab penetration.
  • Two unique, low cost ‘T’ handle keys supplied per order with additional keys available for purchase.
  • Fixings for receiver shoe are inaccessible when post is locked in place.
  • Surface mount removable bollards are designed for applications where the floor cannot be core drilled or penetrated, such as suspended, prestressed slabs or clean areas such as food preparation or pharmaceutical processing.

  • They are available in two different models, the Cam-lok and the Tee-lok.

  • Structurally both models are identical but offer different locking systems depending on the level of security required.

  • Our surface mount Tee-lok does not employ high security locking.

  • Instead, the Tee-lok uses our unique ‘T’ handle key to unlock and remove the bollard from the receiver shoe.

  • Tee-lok is ideally suited to low or medium security applications, where the aim is to stop vehicles entering unauthorised areas or separating vehicles from pedestrians, especially around work places.

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